CreedMed is uniquely positioned to provide a competitive service solution for medical device manufacturers in the following areas: -

  • Market access (both UK and EU)
  • Market intelligence
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Distribution

We especially focus on medical consumables and operate in both the hospital and the home care (community) health care markets.

Our portfolio of products currently includes wound care and surgical products.

Why choose CreedMed

Markets are changing, there is more: -

  • cost pressure in healthcare
  • transparency demanded
  • ethical behaviour expected
  • regulatory accountability required
  • technical product knowledge needed

At CreedMed we undertake to support manufacturers to ensure they meet market requirements in a transparent and ethical way. We will help ensure long term sustainable growth and reduce risk, appointing the wrong partner can damage a companies reputation and have serious financial consequences

"We will do what we say we will do"

Business Associates

CreedMed has a broad network of contacts throughout the industry, including commercial, clinical, research, procurement, manufacturing and academia. Our business associates are available to support businesses with their broad knowledge and expertise. Here are a few examples of the experience we have available individually or collectively.

Associate #1

With over 20 years’ experience in the medical device industries he has led businesses, developed brands and product portfolios, also, served as an industry leader as former Chair of the Surgical Dressing Materials Association (SDMA). As Chair he has spent two years on the NHS Supplier Board which serves to ensure an informed dialogue between the NHS and Industry partners and overseen ethical compliance improvements.

A widely experienced and driven management achiever he has lead teams to meet company objectives. Commercially astute with a wide experience in key management competencies in the medical devices market. Experience includes sales, marketing, portfolio design & management and new product development with a clinical focus. A visionary and clear communicator, self-motivated and comfortable working within a challenging environment. Able to capitalise on business opportunities profitably and lead an organisation strategically.

As a Manager with executive responsibility in quality and regulatory affairs he has also helped change cultures and improve compliance with medical device regulations. He has also served on the technical committee of the SDMA and is keenly interested in keeping informed on the rapidly changing regulatory environment and its potential impact on industry to provide support and advice where needed.

Associate #2

A qualified RGN and clinical commercial researcher focusing on wound care and compression for all therapy areas. With 30 years of experience in this field in the commercial sector, her role is to explore new and current trends in the changing world of tissue viability and research. She has actively participated in new product development programmes to help bring treatment interventions to market following this with the generation of clinical evidence for sales, training, marketing and regulatory purposes using a structured approach.

As a member of the International Compression Club, expertise in sub bandage / garment pressures has been gained and applied to the clinical situation, developing a model to measure pressures that define compression characteristics and performance invivo. As a past member of the SDMA technical committee, alliances have been formed with like-minded professionals from industry, clinical and scientific fields, academic researchers and purchasers. Outcomes have included wound management product categorisation and a published survey of evidence.

Participating in the NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP) led to positive guidance for a wound care product.

She has written many articles and a book chapter for publication as well as speaking at national and international conferences. Her work enables her to conduct collaborative research with key national and international leaders in the field of tissue viability and compression to facilitate progress for clinician, patient, industry and research interests.

Associate #3

With over 30 years’ experience in the health industries and 25 years in the medical device industry, our associate has a broad knowledge of regulatory and market access activities supporting market development of medical device opportunities. He served as Chair of the Technical Committee of the Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association for 5 years.

After qualifying as a pharmacist in the NHS and following completion of his PhD in novel drug delivery systems, he initially worked in research and development of both pharmaceutical and medical devices. His experience includes an in-depth knowledge of the medical device industry including medicovigilance, clinical studies/publications, and has authored more than a dozen successful applications for listing of medical devices Drug Tariff (Part IXC and part IXA). He also co-led a successful MTEP* application to NICE for listing of a topical infection control product and successfully negotiated its inclusion in national guidance. He has a deep understanding of the wound care and skin protection specialities and has regularly supported the publication of clinical evidence in these areas. Over his long time in the industry he has built durable relationships with many key opinion leaders in wound healing and other areas of patient care.

Before leaving industry, employment and becoming a consultant, he was the Chair of the Technical Committee of the Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association for 5 years.

*Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme